• Front Windscreen 
  • Rear windscreen 
In the event of an accident, a properly fitted windscreen can help prevent a roof- collapse in a rollover accident and allow airbags to inflate properly. Windscreens also play an important role in the handling of your car, providing up to 34% of torsional stiffness to withstand more pressure.

If your windshield or another window in your vehicle has been broken due to burglary, accident or any other incident, it will need to be replaced entirely. However, if it is only chipped, it may be possible to repair it instead.
The decision to repair or replace your windscreen is based on a number of factors. These include the size of the chip, and where the damage is. These factors contribute to whether or not the glass will remain structurally sound after a repair.
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A broken or improperly fitted windscreen poses a significant danger while driving on the road. Rear window and door glass are also essential to your safety and comfort. At Budget Auto Glass we have certified glass and the professional expertise you need to replace your auto glass quickly, affordably and to the highest industry standards.
We’ll make sure that your car is not damaged during the fitment process. We take protective measures to ensure the safety of your car. We’ll also vacuum your car when necessary to remove any potentially dangerous glass shards, as well as reapply stickers and rear-view mirrors that were originally attached to the glass